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To learn more about Lionsbridge Contractor Group, please visit us at www.lionsbridgecontractorgroup.net. 

Lionsbridge Contractor Group is a CCA Global Partners cooperative of general contractors dedicated to serving the property insurance industry. You may know CCA Global Partners through our national insurance flooring program with over 1,000 participating Carpet One Floor and Home and Flooring America stores.

CCA has the most successful direct repair program in the property insurance industry. One of the keys to our success is the unique ownership structure of our co-op business model. You can be confident that we can replicate the same type of success for your company when you commit to becoming a member and shareholder of Lionsbridge Contractor Group. To learn more about Lionsbridge, please visit us at www.lionsbridgecontractorgroup.net.

Benefits of Membership

Our long-standing partnership with top insurance carriers that handle policyholder property and casualty claims truly separates us from the competition. Shareholders of Lionsbridge receive qualified leads that come from insurance claims and homeowners in need of home repair and restoration services. The claims process is managed through our system for quality assurance, customer service and estimate accuracy. Additional Benefits of membership include:

Ownership – Members of Lionsbridge are the owners of the company and each receive a share of stock upon acceptance. The unique member-owned business model of a cooperative sets Lionsbridge apart from its competiton.

More Business – Shareholders of Lionsbridge will receive qualified leads that result in more business and a stronger positive reputation. Membership in Lionsbridge Contractor Group means more opportunity and greater overall success for your business.

Networking – Our shareholders have a unique opportunity to stay informed on the latest trends, opportunities, and techniques in the home restoration and remodeling fields. Members can also get connected with other members in our network for additional business opportunities, best practices and insight.

Improved Performance – Due to the size and scale of CCA Global’s combined businesses, we’ve amassed over $250 Billion dollars in buying power that’s leveraged to help drive down operating costs and increase profitibality for our general contractors. Lionsbridge shareholders will have access to deeply discounted credit card processing rates, interest free financing programs for their customers as well as proprietary online SEO, SEM and online lead generation tools, etc.

 Please contact us at (800) 514-3472 to learn more
about our cooperative and the services we offer.

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